Hi Beautiful Souls! I’m Azizi. A certified life coach and meditation healer with a passion for empowering people to reach their goals, live their best life and create the life they truly desire. I wholeheartedly want you to grow to your fullest potential and connect to your truth and authentic voice to find your unlimited power.

I’m a Law of Attraction expert. It has changed my life and the lives of clients I’ve had the pleasure to coach. My sassy truth and genuine love of humanity allows me to add remarkable value and significant meaning to the life you’ve always imagined.


Azizi Blissett is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who empowers clients to shift limiting thoughts and beliefs to live their ideal life. A coauthor of Amazon best seller, F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart Volume II, Azizi discovered her unique voice and soul’s purpose through art therapy where she published an art collage series titled The Redefinition of Me.  The art collection provides a vivid portrayal of how Azizi learned to release the shame of a traumatic childhood experience to forgive, heal, and love herself. She is the creator of “The Life You’ve Always Imagined” coaching program where she helps clients create their ideal life using the 7 essential universal laws. As a Brand Marketer and an award-winning Art Director, Azizi uses her 15+ years of corporate experience to teach people how to build a brand that aligns with their purpose through her You are the Pearl brand coaching program. She is a self-love spiritual teacher who enjoys daily rituals like mindful meditation, gratitude writing and exercise. Through her purpose-filled journey, Azizi has guided hundreds of beautiful souls on the path to enlightenment and spiritual transformation.     



My personal experiences and life coaching results have left an undeniable truth in my heart – YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY! Since learning this truth, I revel in using my energy, enthusiasm and fierce truth to help others create the joy-filled, purpose driven life they’ve always wanted.

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