You Are Enough

Hello Beautiful Souls! Do you know that you have everything within you right now to make your life a living dream? Like really!

I can remember the moment I realized that I was enough. And that within me were all the answers I needed to live out my dreams.  Learning that truth was kind of frightening because at that time I struggled with some big trust issues. I was on the path to healing from a painful divorce which felt like a huge 15-year betrayal in everything I’d supported and believed about my relationship and marriage. During that same time, I experienced my own personal #MeToo moment at work. The last place I wanted to turn was inward because deep inside I knew I was an emotional wreck.

However, once I realized the enabling role I played by staying in these situations, I learned how powerful my emotions were and how much they were working on my behalf to get my attention. In both situations, fear overruled and made me feel powerless. I now know that fear will reveal answers if you have the courage to ask honest questions at the height of your vulnerability. More often than not, it is there to show you what you don’t want. Once you know what you don’t want, you have the awareness you need to determine what you do want. And the answer to what you do want lies within.

Today, I no longer feel the need to look outside of myself for answers. Instead, I’ve decided to align with my inner voice and highest self to uncover the answers and truths that were right for me. It feels good defeating fear and choosing to trust my inner gut and all the answers it provides me to make my dreams a reality. Always remember you are enough. When you embrace your sufficiency, you are able to manifest the things you desire.

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