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Hello Beautiful Souls! Welcome to my first blog – Sassy Truth and Pearls. I am excited to share some fierce truth with you so that you can create the life you truly want deep down inside. Twice a week I am planning to reveal tips, techniques and habits that have aided me in living my best life. My intention is that my insights will have just as much impact on you as it has had on me.

Prior to beginning my life coaching journey, I use to feel inadequate and doubtful of my own ability to reach my goals and manifest the desires deep within my heart. One of the things I learned for sure is that change starts on the inside first. Somehow, we go about our day and forget to check-in with the most important person that matters. Ourselves!

I learned that to achieve my ambitious goals, I would have to do some things different. That some things different meant becoming more self-aware of my thoughts and feelings and what they were telling and showing me. Through simple coaching processes, I gained clarity on what I truly wanted which helped me focus on my wants and take inspired action to create them. I also learned how to develop daily success habits to support my overall growth and well-being. Here are my top 3 tips that helped me focus on me!


  • Meditation – the purpose of meditation is to connect inward. This can be done in a variety of ways. Sitting in silence, guided mantras or affirmations, yoga, artistic expression and prayer are all considered forms of meditation. A quick 5 to 15 minutes of consistent meditation will connect you to your inner voice and emotional intuition which can become your trustworthy compass for living.
  • Gratitude writing – count your blessings! It helps you focus on the wins in your life. Ask yourself often, what’s going right in my life? And focus on it. It’s true that what you focus on, you create more of in your life. Keep a notebook or journal handy to write 5-10 daily statements on what you are grateful for. Gratitude will always lead you downstream to the best opportunities for you.
  • Healthy Living – Nourish your body form the inside out. This includes making healthier food choices and doing regular exercise. Pick an activity that works best for you. Whether you walk, run or weight train, the key is to stay consistent. When we nourish our bodies inside out, we create positive, uplifting energy.


These top 3 tips have become daily habits. They work hand in hand to keep me in alignment with presenting the best version of me to the world. I feel more connected to my highest self and purpose than ever before. You know you are connected to your highest self when your energy is that of love, joy, freedom and peace.

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