3 Ways to Become a Soulmate Magnet

Hello Beautiful Souls!
Fairytales and dreams do come true! However, there are a couple of things about your fairytale dreams I must clear up for you. The first one is you must align with your dream in order to magnetize it to you. This is with anything, especially attracting your soulmate. The second thing is you have more than one soulmate. As a matter of fact, you have more soulmates than you can possibly imagine – a sea of billions of soulmates exists for you all across the globe. This means that just because the one that you thought was your soulmate didn’t work out, or
somehow got away, or never came back into your life that your life is doomed forever. That’s simply not true. Actually, you are surrounded by many soulmates in your life right now. A soulmate is someone who you connect with on a deep soulful level. They are a reflection of you in one aspect or another. To manifest your ideal soulmate partner, you must first align with your authentic self. Here are 3 ways you can become a soulmate magnet.

1. Know what you want. Gain clarity on who you are what you believe. I’m not talking about the part that is defined by your job, function or role. I’m talking about the authentic you. What is it that makes you unique? Think about the core soul essence of who you really are – including the raw, unedited and imperfect sides of you. This is the real you. Let it shine. Discover what the real you truly want. It will always lead you to your soul’s dreams, wishes and desires
2. Let go of the past. Your past relationships, limiting beliefs and any negative experiences you may have encoutered throughout your life maybe blocking you from manifesting the man of your dreams. Say to yourself, I am ready and willing to release any past restrictions in order to manifest my soulmate. Feel it in your heart space. Mean it like your life depend on it. Now replace that limiting belief with a positive affirmation like this one: My heart is open and ready for love. My soul mate is entering my life.

3. Connect to your desires. Your desires are the secret to you attracting anything you want to manifest in your life. You have everything you need right now to attract your soulmate; however, you must go inward and connect to your desires and feelings to magnetize it to you. Visualize and experience every detail of the experience you want to have. Pretend he is in your life right now. Act as if you are taking long strolls in the park together, dining at your favorite restaurants or traveling to the exotic places you’ve dreamt about. Place yourself in the experience as if you’re watching your own movie.
These are the 3 ways you will increase your vibration and magnetize your soulmate. Focus your energy, heart and desires on what you want and the universe will deliver it to you. It. Is. Law. Trust that your soulmate is seeking you just as much as you are seeking him.
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