Life Coach

What I Do

I coach people how to use the Law of Attraction principles so that they can take action in order to reach their personal and professional goals.

As a Life Coach, I show beautiful Divine Beings like you how to shift your thoughts and feelings to focus on attracting and manifesting the life you truly desire to live and experience. I specialize in the Law of Attraction, which is a universal law that simply states, “that which you focus on you expand and magnetize back to yourself”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually discover how to use your thoughts to create your ideal career, relationship, lifestyle and financial abundance? I am living proof of effectively applying this essential law as I worked to create my ideal relationships, businesses and clients.

If you’re interested in learning how to apply the Law of Attraction principles in your life, contact me for a complimentary coaching session. You will be amazed at the experience you will receive!


One-on-One Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching

Work/Life Balance Coaching

Future Visioning Coaching

Group Coaching (priced separately)

One-on-One Life Coaching Services

What Clients Are Saying

“Get ready for some amazing breakthroughs and life changing moments! I began working with Azizi on the strong advice of my best friend who has worked with her for a few years. From Day 1, I began to see how working with Azizi was going to change my life for the better. She has an amazing ability to help you dig deep to find the things that are blocking you from becoming the best YOU that you can can be! I was sad for our engagement to end, but felt comforted knowing that she had equipped me with tools I can use to succeed going forward.” – J. Lynch

“Azizi is a very talented individual! She has an ability to take her clients to a greater level of awareness, through clarity, as they create a life in alignment with their true potential. I highly recommend her as a person of integrity, enthusiasm and amazing creativity.” – R. Kirson

“Azizi is a uniquely talented, inspiring and results-driven expert whose spirit and energy are both powerful and transformative for anyone she touches. Having known Azizi for many years, I jumped at the opportunity to leverage her as a life coach, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. She brings a keen understanding of spirituality, success factors and positivity to her clients and everyone around me has commented on the marked changes in me since we began working together. I have seen my career advance in ways I didn’t think possible, my relationships take on new depth and meaning and my limited view of what is possible has been skyrocketed to a new dimension. I would HIGHLY recommend Azizi to anyone who is looking for a true mentor with an investment in your growth and success. She truly is a natural and leads by example!” – K. Singleton

“Azizi is a living example of what she wants for her clients. She truly listens to her clients and embarks on designing the best method of healing for you at that time. She is very detailed oriented and truly sets you in the mind state of you have the tools necessary for healing, I’m just the vessel assisting and guiding you towards greatness. The activities I experienced with her sparked a part of my subconscious that I was trying so hard not to deal with. In addition, it brought the right people back into my life because I started changing the energy vibration of my thoughts. In addition to that, Azizi is very excited about your break throughs and you can feel the high fives through the phone. It has been such a pleasure to have Azizi’s guidance throughout my healing process. If you haven’t experienced her work yet, you are missing out. She truly cares and still to this day she checks in one me and with every success I tell her, she is there to cheer me on and always giving me just a little bit more. I love the compassion and sincerity of her Spirit. She is definitely one I would like to thank towards my awakening to what I already new I had.” – S. Murphy