Brand Marketer

What I Do

I help clients create their ideal brand, gain clarity about their passion, mission and purpose to attract their ideal clients.

Great branding evokes meaning and personality. It’s how you want your company to be viewed in the eyes, hearts and minds of your clients.

As a brand marketer, I show you how to develop your authenticity and uniqueness to attract your ideal customer. Using Attraction based marketing principles, I work with you to define your brand message and create a memorable story or experience that highlights the characteristics you want your clients to remember the most. You will understand how to elicit striking and lasting mental and emotional images that identify your product or service. I also assist you in creating an Action Plan to attract your ideal client and generate revenue.

If you’re interested in learning how to create your ideal brand to attract your ideal clients, contact me for a complimentary brand marketing session.


Free Marketing Consultation

Brand Identity and Messaging

Creative Direction and Content Development

Attraction Based Strategic Marketing Planning


What Client’s Say

“Azizi expertly coached and consulted for me on developing my brand and marketing strategy. Simply stated, I would still be spinning my wheels without her challenging questions, well developed process, and supportive accountability. Azizi knows the business of branding and marketing and masterfully couples this technical expertise with the finesse of coaching using positive psychology to elicit superior results. Thanks to Azizi, I found my niche that truly resonates with me and clients, and I now have a strategic plan for branding and marketing that is right for me.” M. Rasmussen

“It has been my absolute pleasure to collaborate with Azizi on the book launch for FAITH. Her marketing expertise and clear thinking have allowed me to pursue my goals with much more ease than I imagined possible. And her exploration of creative ideas turns the work into play. I highly recommend her enthusiasm and dedication.” N. Littlestone